Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Doctor Chat - Friend Chat

Doctor Chat:

This prepping for the Frozen Embryo Transfer has been so uneventful that I had to contact the doctor.

I told her I feel...Normal. I asked if she's sure this stuff is working.  Her response:

"that's awesome!!!

I'm happy about that

not everyone feels normal

most feel just fine

so glad"

Well, I quickly told her that she scares me a little sometimes.  Her optimism and good attitude make me a little too secure.  That's why I get so mad when things don't work out.  Well, I'd be mad regardless.  LOL!

Friend Chat:

An old friend warmed my heart today.  I met this woman when I was about 24-years-old and we don't speak often, but she always finds a way to support me and encourage me.  When my IUI failed, she didn't ask specific questions. She just kept asking how I felt. She didn't want details. She didn't want to make me cry.  She just wanted to make sure that I would survive it, ya know?

I couldn't tell her about the IVF stuff because I feared I'd cry and we only see each other in business settings these days. Today, however, I laid it out for her and SHE nearly cried.  She told me she was happy I was following my dreams and she respects the struggle and my ability to navigate my daily life.  She also told me she prays for me.  She's a good Catholic girl, so I know God is listening :-)

Sometimes, that's all you want to hear. You just want to know that your fertile friends respect the struggle.  It's not something you can just shrug off. No, infertility is not cancer, but it's not a broken finger nail either.

Mental Moment:

I'm dancing a fine line here, people. I am feeling overly confident about this FET, but the six years of negatives and that devastating IUI keep tapping me on the shoulder to keep me in check. 
I'm just going to keep on praying and prepping.



  1. You've got at least two good Catholic girls praying for you. ;) Hugs from SoCal.

  2. Hi pretty girl! It's a great feeling knowing there is someone who cares how YOU are and isn't just curious about the details of how things work, ya know? Keep your head up and know that you have a lot of advocates on your side cheering for you! :)
    I really agree and like your statement of infertility not being cancer, but not a broken fingernail either....good wording!

    1. I appreciate the support. Thank you:-)