Monday, May 20, 2013


Doc checked my uterus today and my lining was 13!!  Woohoo!  I got my next set of instructions.

I will be cracking out on the ol' estradiol, Dex, crinone, baby aspirin and doxycycline.  We have a tentative transfer date and barring any meltdowns,  me and the twins should be reunited in two weeks:-)

Highlights of this visit:

1.  Doc squirted lube on herself.  LOL!  That is so disturbing.  Like my life is strange!  Anyway she looks up and goes, "that's why I wear scrubs to work." I think the only profession where one could have the same mishap is...prostitution.

2.  We decided on a firm two! We're putting two babies back.  Hooray!

To Do List:

I knew I was running out of Dex so I ordered more online.  Upon getting home from work, I realized I am also running low on doxy and aspirin.  Plus, I may have to order more estradiol.

I go to acupuncture tomorrow.  YAY!!!


  1. Congrats on the thick ute lining, and that story about your doctor is hilarious! :)

    1. When she squirted that lube on herself, my husband and I immediately turned into 12-year-olds. We were snickering and laughing, yet trying not to make her feel uncomfortable. Luckily, she thought it was funny too:-)