Friday, May 3, 2013

She's Here!

Hello Mennie!

You know her, right?  Mennie, the menstrual cycle?  She's here again being mean.  I'm crossing the ol' fingers and hoping the cramps don't get too bad as the day goes on.

It's funny.  I had my normal, fleeting moments of dreaming about the possibility of a miraculous, natural pregnancy this month.  However, I didn't get too obsessed and I didn't emotionally crash.  Odd, right?

I guess it's because Mennie showed up on time and didn't string me along.

Soooo....Now I need to call my favorite Frenemy, my RE.  She'll set up a calendar for me...again.  Pray that I can go through with it this time.

I'm also praying that I can lose five pounds in the next month:-)

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