Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ya'll, I am going nuts over here.  Not hormone-driven, angry, irrational nuts, but the "I want to eat a baby" nuts!!!

I don't really want to EAT a baby, but I want to hold a newborn, snuggle up to it, smell it.  Since that's a mouthful, I just use the phrase, "eat the baby." :-)  The Hubby gets it.  Strangers probably wouldn't.

My Husband's new boss has a nine-week-old baby girl, and he was thrilled to show her off when we bumped into him on the street.  OH!!!  I wanted to hug and love that tiny baby.  That's when I realized I've reached fever pitch when it comes to my trying to conceive obsession.

I've never been one to WANT to hold or dote on the children of non-relatives.  It's not my thing...or it wasn't my thing.  I must say though, I was still reserved.  I didn't touch the baby or ask to hold her (she was in a car seat), I just stared and complimented her cuteness.

I came home and cuddled my 15lb loaf of bread that also happens to be my dachshund-mix dog.  I love her to death, but I think I've reached a point where even she can't calm my baby cravings.

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