Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Embryo Rent

My babies are frozen in time at literally five/six days old and they are already attacking my wallet.  I have to pay rent for my embryos.  They aren't even in college yet!  WTF??

I pay $40 a month for their frozen dorm.  I sure wish they would earn a scholarship, call to say hi or something.  This relationship is feeling very one-sided. LOL!

In two weeks, at least two of them will transfer to a new room (haha!).  I sure hope they like the little lining-filled space growing in my uterus for them.  I figure the fibroids will just be their friendly neighbors.  We all have neighbors we think we'll hate, but they end up being just fine.  I hope this will be the case in my reproductive area:-)


  1. Jeez no hugs, hi's or or anything...just hand over the rent money..Thought we would all have a while before that started! :) keeping my fingers crossed that they will love their new cushy womb with no interuptions from the neighbors!

    1. I hope the neighbors play nice too because I'm certainly looking forward to a hug:-)

  2. This post is so cute! How many little embies did you get?

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