TTC Timeline

TTC Timeline-- I never took birth control pills, until I started my IVF protocol in 2013.  I only used condoms as a form of contraception.  I have never been pregnant

Married!  We stopped using condoms, but we weren't technically trying.  We figured it would just happen.

You guessed it!  Still not pregnant.  Since I wanted to be a mother by 30, and my 30th birthday was approaching, I started to be more aggressive.  When my GYN told me once again that there was nothing wrong with me, I stated my case: HOW COME I'VE NEVER BEEN PREGNANT?

I found a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  She tried to perform the dye test, also known as the HSG.  She couldn't even get the dye to go up my cervix.  She felt one of my larger fibroids was distorting it.  She sent me to a surgeon for surgery.

The surgeon removed two fibroids, via robotic myomectomy.  One month later, we moved across the country. I had to stop and regroup.

She says I still have tons of fibroids, plus my thyroid is a bit hypo

New RE drops the bomb: Diminished Ovarian reserve.
April: Mental breakdown, after doctor expressed concern about my fibroids. I opted out of preps for a Frozen Embryo transfer.
May: I'm back on track, taking estradiol.  I plan to transfer two em-babies and get a BFP!
June: Failed Transfer, despite using two chromosomally normal embryos.  This marks the end of my journey. I still have three frozen embryos, but they don't stand a chance. Plus, I'm broke. Hooray for IVF debt!!!
December:  FET #2 with 2 embryos.  This one failed too.

March:  IVF #2 converted to IUI #2
October: IVF #3.  5 eggs. 2 made it to day 3.  1 made it to blast, but failed PGD.  Left with 0.
November:  Second Fibroid removal surgery gets cancelled.  During my pre-op appointment found out I was somehow pregnant.  Don't get excited.  It was ectopic.  I lost my left fallopian tube.

June:  Second fibroid removal surgery.
October: Surgery to remove right fallopian tube and endometrioma (mass caused by endometriosis) blocking left ovary

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  1. Hi there, just found your blog and read through this timeline. I did my fibroid surgery back in 2011 and now moving onto IVF#1 with DOR. Look forward to updates in your journey.