Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Am Good At Something

I went to visit my new doctor today. *sigh*  She is the nicest medical professional I've dealt with during my intermittent infertility journey, but the visit? The visit drained me.

I should just go ahead and get this out of the way. I am apparently very good at one thing.  No, it is not complaining. I am very good at growing fibroids. I feared they had come back or that I still had some, but the GYN didn't feel any during last month's exam.  I went into this visit confident that fibroids were not going to be apart of it. I was wrong. I have eight freakin' fibroids in my uterus right now. EIGHT!  I couldn't hold the facade. I cried in the middle of the ultrasound. I mean I had tears, snot...you name it. How embarrassing. Ugh!

Now on to the not so depressing part.  The doctor doesn't think my new round of fibroids will prevent pregnancy.  From the ultrasound, she determined that I ovulated from my right ovary this month (hooray!) and both ovaries look healthy (double hooray!). She was unbelievably gentle, considerate and kind. By the time we left, she had hubby BELIEVING. And I should add that within minutes of our visit ending, she sent me a recap email so I wouldn't forget anything (say what?).

Doc laid out a plan for us.  It starts with hubs making a deposit in a cup for testing, me givng up some blood, starting fertility medication to boost the ol' ovulation and a little insemination.  This train to pregnancy appears to be picking up speed.  Now the questions are how long will the ride last and will we ever reach the desired destination?

*sigh* I left the visit shaken. The whole fibroid thing really messed me up. If it wasn't for my husband being with me at that moment, I would have just withdrawn into myself. He kept me smiling, pumped me full of Starbucks and played a little 2Chainz for me (yes. 2Chainz raps about nonsense, but he cracks me up).

Last month I made a list of things I need to do and fell down on the job.  Here's the updated list.

1. Get my old records (turns out that it doesn't matter that they're nearly two years old. she wants a look.)
2. Find my surgery synopsis sheet.  I could not find the sheet, so I ordered a new one.
3. Pray. Pray hard for the strength to stay sane, calm and open to whatever it is I may need.


  1. Stay encouraged! Uterine fibroids are a sad reality for me as every woman on my mother's side of the family has them... but like your doctor said, they don't always prevent pregnancy.... keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!