Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trigger on Ice

It's date night, people.  For many of you, that means dressing up, putting on makeup and eating a fancy dinner.  That's not for me, not tonight.  I have a trigger shot on ice (well, not really. It's in the fridge).  *cue the sexy music*

When Hubby gets home, I'll have some queso waiting for him (or almost ready) and he will prepare to shoot me up with HCG.  It's the pregnancy hormone that will hopefully get my ovaries to drop some eggs in the next 36-48 hours.  I need them to be on time because we have an IUI scheduled for Monday!!!

Holy Crap! I am so excited.  My doctor moved up my follicle check appointment because of scheduling conflicts and lo and behold, I was ripe, people.  I had three follicles that measured 20+.  She said it looks like things happen for a reason.  She mixed up the trigger shot (HCG) and sent us home with instructions to "shoot up," "bed down (baby dance)" and prepare for insemination.

INSEMINATION...I am really trying to accept that word.  Every time I think about it, I think of horses and bull know animals?! LOL!  Whatever!  I am grateful for this blessing.  I KNOW it will work.  It's just a matter of it will be this month or another.  I mean look at all the bulldog puppies running around....

Last night as my husband and I talked about today's appointment, he told me he had a vision of us walking out smiling.  His vision became reality because we did leave with smiles and pictures of what the doctor called potential halves of my baby's DNA.  I hope he has another good vision: me pregnant, holding a winning lottery ticket:-)

Anyways, this little jump in plans means I had to trade schedules with someone.  Now I will not get off work on New Year's Eve until 10pm.  But who cares, right?  Yay!!!

****fingers crossed****

Ohhhh...this infertility roller coaster ride!!!! As you can see, I'm "up" at the moment.  I don't want to go down.