Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. New Doctor

 I spent a bit of time filling out new patient forms for my new doctor.  I really hate filling out those forms.  I've spent so much time thinking that eventually I would get pregnant on my own, but when I have to write down how long I've been trying, it hits me like a fresh ton of bricks: I can't conceive without medical intervention. Couple that with writing down my age, and I need someone to fan me to keep from fainting. *sigh*

2.  The Royal Pregnancy

Kate Middleton is pregnant.  Yay for the British!  Boo for me.  She's not even 12 weeks yet and the American press can't shut up about it.  Now I'll have to hear about it for the duration of her long-a** pregnancy.  I mean dang!  This chick bags a prince AND easily gets knocked up.  Can she have any more luck?  I know, I know...I'm really lame for having this reaction.

3.  Bad Jokes

I think I'm scaring my best friend with my infertility.  She won't laugh with me about it and she clams up when she talks about her own dreams of having a child. I feel so sad. I don't want her to feel that way. I can't wait for her to have a baby so we can both dote on him or her.  I'm sitting her crying just thinking about it.  I don't talk about it often, but we were joking about how people were popping up pregnant everywhere at our old job.  She suggested that we go back to drink the water.  I joked that I needed an entire lab and she wouldn't laugh. She kept saying she was so sorry.  I feel so awful that I made her feel that way:-(

4. Fat

I have completely stopped working out and drinking proper amounts of water. I am a walking waste field.  I'm living off of Starbucks and Chow Mien, which is delicious by the way.

5. Naughty Books

Fifty Shades of Grey totally got me addicted to naughty books.  In between reading American Classics, I'm picking up smut left and right to read. I'm so embarrassed that I hide it from my husband and I think he knows it.  Oh well, it's better than hiding a drug addiction, right?

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