Monday, December 31, 2012

Who Puked?

Who puked, you ask?  It was me. I puked after the IUI.  I thought that was supposed to happen after the New Year's Eve toast and a vat of liquor.

Soo...I guess I didn't adequately research this IUI situation.  It started off smoothly.  My doctor talked me through every step.  Feet in the stir ups, inserting this here, applying this there and voila!  I was done. She told me to lie on the table for at least ten minutes before we could leave.  I stayed there for 15 minutes for good measure.

As each minute ticked by, I got cramps and THEY GREW STRONGER. I started to have a minor freak out.  Mind you, before the procedure started she told me that I'd have cramps, but I thought she meant I'd possibly feel ovulation later tonight. I was obviously mistaken.  By the time we  left, I couldn't fake it anymore. I was grimacing with my head on hubby's shoulder.  The doctor saw me and called me back in her office.  Her words, " I got you good."  I was in so much pain I couldn't laugh.  She hit the top of my uterus just like she wanted and my body was indeed reacting to it.  It reacted so much that I started feeling nauseous.  She prescribed me some meds, but I didn't fill the prescription. I'm a big girl.

When hubby and I hit the hall, I knew I wasn't going to make it to the car.  We ran into the nearest bathroom and I tossed my cookies.  I guess that's a poor term for this situation.  Since I hadn't eaten anything, there wasn't a single cookie in there.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way.  Here are some of the highlights from today's session.

The Semen Sample: 

My husband is a task master.  The night before he laid out our plan. We had to be up at a certain time to walk and feed the dogs, take our showers, get dressed and have everything we needed waiting downstairs.  Once he finished his deposit, he wanted to get in the car immediately and that's exactly what we did.  I had his half of a potential baby tucked away under my shirt in my very small bosom.  He forgot to write his name on it, so he freaked out a bit because I had already handed it over to the nurse. No harm, no foul.  They knew it was his and labeled it as such.

It turns out that his antibiotics worked. The doctor said she didn't find any of those pesky misshapen ones in this batch.

My Crazy Doctor: 

This woman keeps me laughing.  Her top quotes today:

"I'm inserting the super swimmers into your very fertile looking uterus."  Who says that?

She asked Hubby if he wanted to actually insert the sample.  I didn't let him answer. I quickly said NO! No time for novices.  To that she replied, "OK. Don't come after me for child support."


I felt sensations in the days leading up to my trigger shot. I wouldn't call them cramps. but I was very aware that my ovaries were working.  After the shot, I didn't feel them as much. As I told you above, I definitely felt CRAMPS and nauseous, after the IUI.  About five to ten minutes after I threw up, I was fine.  Again, I am aware of my nether regions, but I definitely am not feeling cramps at the moment.


I don't know what the future holds for me and my husband, but no matter what happens I will always love him dearly for today.  His kindness, care and words were more than anything I could have asked for. He was so calm, so positive and encouraging.


The IUI/Insemination situation is so strange.  It's kind of like you just had sex without the sex. I've learned from this cycle that I don't like the Trigger shot and I sure as hell am not crazy about the IUI. I hope and pray this works.  I hope and pray that I don't lose my mind over the next two weeks.

I have to start taking progesterone tomorrow.



  1. Fingers crossed, baby dust, all of that! =)

    1. I appreciate it so much. Thank You!!

  2. One of my coworkers just went through this process and it was very successful. I pray that you and your husband are blessed with the pitter patter of little feet soon :-)

  3. Thank you for the encouragement:-)