Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Back on the Bike

Finally, nearly a year after giving up on having a child, I started looking for an infertility expert or an Reproductive endocrinologist. The doctor I chose was a New Yorker in Orlando. I loved her accent and her straightforward nature. 

When she examined me, she could feel the fibroid. I think it may have grown during that year. 

Through extensive questioning, Dr. J, discovered I had classic signs of fibroids. After heavy cramping during my cycle, I also got this unbelievable pressure. It would force me to walk doubled over, unless I took more advil. I never thought anything of it because I have had painful cycles from the beginning. In fact, in middle school, I would actually throw up at the start of each cycle. AND GET THIS, an assistant principal accused me of being pregnant because of it. How funny that is now, especially since I was a virgin until 22 and apparently couldn't get pregnant anyways. BUT, I digress...

Dr. J performed an ultrasound HERSELF. If you read my earlier posts, you'll remember my old doctor wasn't even in the room for the ultrasound. Dr. J set up an appointment for an HSG or dye test. She wanted a better idea of the shape of my uterus and find out if my Fallopian tubes were clear. I didn't realize it, but that's when the real discovery would begin. 

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