Monday, May 16, 2011

Meeting Mr. Miracle (ok..the doctor)

I prayed for this surgery. I prayed for it. I went in to meet the recommended surgeon in January knowing full well that I would be leaving the state in April. I needed a miracle to actually trust this surgeon and get a date for the operation.

My appointment was on MLK day. This happened to be the first year that my job was actually acknowleding it as a paid holiday, so I didn't have to take a sick day (hooray!).

As I drove to the hospital, I told my mother that if this doctor was scary, looked like Dr. Death or smelled, he was not going to get a chance to cut me open.   I had already looked at his picture on the internet and let me tell you, his chances of getting me on the operating table were looking slim.

With that said, I approached our first appointment with as much positivity as I could. I felt like I spent a lot of time in a room waiting for him. I passed the time by playing Scrabble on my iPad. He caught me mid game and to my surprise, was quite interested.  It turns out that he loves playing the game with his wife(that touched my heart).

I was thinking, "ok, this guy is down to earth and he is far better looking in person." That Internet picture didn't do him any justice, but there was one problem-- he looked really young to me. BUT..he knew his stuff.

He looked over my MRI, felt me up (you know--the usual "down there" examination) and determined that I was an excellent candidate for a robotic myomectomy. During that time he called me tiny. Yup, he said I was so tiny that he wanted to make sure my torso was big enough for him to use the robot.

Well after that, he could do no wrong. He called me tiny when I was nowhere near it. He went on to tell me that not only was he concerned about the fibroid obstructing my cervix, but he feared the smaller one was blocking any chance of a miracle egg implantation because it was growing in the most desirable part of my baby-cooker (uterus).

Because he is a pioneer with the use of robotics in gynecology, his surgery schedule was packed. He told me that the earliest he could get me in was March. However, he would try to get me in earlier if there was a cancellation.

After many schedule changes and lots of prayer, I was blessed with a surgery date of February 25th. That meant I could get it before our move and before we lost our insurance because of my husband's job change. Thank You, Lord!

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