Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I'd Really Like To Post....

As you can tell, I'm a pissed off chick.  I am an only child with a warped sense of humor.  I never really had any one to edit it.  It's also why I often have foot-in-mouth syndrome.  But believe me, those snafus are never ever as bad as what's floating in my mind.  So I decided to give this blog a glimpse of it.  I did edit it a bit because when I wrote this list, I was REALLY angry.  I figured no one should  know how dark I can get.  Here it goes....

What I'd really like to post on Facebook:

Congrats to all the new parents.  I hope your children steal your sleep, drain your bank account and ruin your chances of retirement.  Yay Kids!

What I'd like to tell my RE:

Maybe you shouldn't work while pregnant or maybe you aren't as good as you thought.  Thanks so much for helping me waste  $27,000.  I sure hope that you get to pay a year of your baby's school tuition with my debt.

What I wish:

I wish I had the balls to be a crackhead.  At least there would be fantastic seconds of GLORY that no one could take away, not even fibroids.

My future:

Shit with gold painted on it.  Hooray!

Three of my co-workers take a Krav Maga class. It's some sort of Israeli fighting technique (Jennifer Lopez used it in a movie called Enough).  I often laugh at them when they suggest I join in.  At the moment, I am wearing my hair straight and I do not have time to sweat.  That would cause my hair to draw up and that's not the style I'm going for right now.  But each day, I just get more angry and I'm unable to control the bitterness seeping through my words.  It's making me think that maybe I should look into these classes.  I'd get to yell, scream and beat the shit out of a person in pads.  Of course the fact that they'd be able to do the same to me, doesn't sit so well.

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