Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Days Post FET

Thank you so much for all of the positive vibes. My husband actually read the last blog and quickly began researching to dispute claims of predicting pregnancy with pulse.  He took time out of his day to come to my office and make sure I was ok.  I kept chanting Stick and Grow, until I mustered the strength to ask all of my praying folks to say an extra prayer for me and if they know about the twins, I asked them to pray for them too.

This morning I was better.  I wasn't blissfully positive, but I wasn't in the dumps either.  The closer we get to the Beta, the more of a reality this whole thing becomes.  Ya know?  I mean I am pregnant.  I saw the twins land in my uterus, but this test could...well you know.

We are in Florida today.

I spent most of the day travelling.  I am still not feeling any real pregnancy symptoms.  My uterus is crampy, but it's always crampy. It's one of my signs that the ol' period is coming, but I'm guessing the hormones are keeping it at bay for now.  I'm peeing up a storm, but that's because I have to drink so much water to take all of my hormones and supplements.  LOL

And speaking of drugs and supplements, have you ever tried travelling with all of that stuff.  OMG.  I have baggies, pill bottles and everything else you can think of stuffed with all my "magic" stuff:-)  Per usual, I was comparing myself to a 80-year-old and questioning how they keep up with all the pills.  When we got on the plane, my Husband found an electronic pill holder in the flight magazine.  We laughed so hard.  He said he'd buy it for me, until he saw it was more than $250.

As for the twins, you know the drill by now: STICK AND GROW.  Despite my uncertainty about how they are fairing, I still chant it to push the negative thoughts away.  Guess what?  Tomorrow is the big blood test.  I can't bring myself to pee on a stick, so  I'll just be waiting for Beta results.  My RE, who I love to love and love to hate, is just as anxious as I am.  Since I am getting my blood drawn in Florida and she is in California, I emailed her to find out the likelihood of me getting the results on Saturday.  She told me she wasn't sure, but told me to email her the number of the facility and put her name and cell phone number on my lab slip.  She's going to do what she can on her end to get those results.  So my fingers are crossed that we get GOOD results by Saturday night.

As I type this, I'm kind of wishing I wasn't such a punk.  I want to hire someone to make me pee on the stick:-)

Tonight I get to see my bestie in person for the first time in 9 months and tomorrow we celebrate her last days as a Bachelorette!!!

Who's excited?  Oh...that would be ME!!


I figure these embryos have to be fighters.  I'm stubborn and so is my father-in-law.  Seriously, they have to be stubborn enough to stick and grow.

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