Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4 Days Post FET

I have a picture of the twins on my phone. It's actually my lock screen. I want to show everyone how awesome they are.  Strange, right?!

I am a bit crampy and I'm a bit concerned it's the fibroids talking, but each time that seeps into my mind I chant, "STICK AND GROW!"

I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow. My acupuncture dude totally freaked me out. He said to make sure the washer just scrubs my head.  No massages.  Massages of the shoulders and the like can cause the uterus to contract. OMG!  I have naturally kinky hair so I only get it washed every two weeks, unless I'm in workout mode or swimming (i can't swim. it's more like playing in the water). My scalp needs a good scrubbing and massage.  Now I have to find a tactful way to tell the wash girl to scrub...hard, but no massage, not even when working in the conditioner. "Stick and Grow!"

I'm contemplating just doing it myself. That means it will be clean, but look like something out of a very bad 70s film.  **sigh**

On Thursday, acupuncture dude is going to stick needles in my head to try to calm the uterus.

Friday, I head to Florida.

Saturday, I pee on a stick and try to find a lab to take my blood test.  Afterwards, I'm off to my Bestie's bachelorette party. OMG!  "Stick and Grow!"


  1. stick and grow, stick and grow, stick and grow! Totally jealous of the Florida trip! Arizona heat is kickin my butt :) Hope your week is amazing!!

    1. I am so excited for FL, but I am a bit nervous about the humidity. But that won't stop my fun:-)

  2. Oh no! Did he really say that? Why would a head massage do that?

    Of course, it's one thing to be skeptical from here. I'm sure I'll be freaking out and taking every suggestion, no matter how far-fetched, in August when (fingers crossed) I'm the one 4dpFET!

    Stick and grow...Stick and grow...Stick and grow!

    1. Yay! Stick and Grow!!!!
      He also said if I get a pedicure that I can't let the nail tech massage my feet, as that also causes the uterus to contract. It was all too much for me!!!