Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beyonce's Belly!

Thanks, Beyonce.  I'm glad to know you get everything: talent, fame, success and a baby!  I'm totally jealous and I want a Beyonce Belly!

A few weeks ago, Beyonce's baby news would have sent me spiraling into tears and depression, but not now.  At this moment, I am hoping and praying that I will experience the same joy she feels.  Every time I look at the picture above, I am amazed at the sheer happiness on her face. It is beautiful and I can't wait for my time.

Today, a friend of mine posted something interesting on Facebook.  She's engaged and went to her first pre-marriage counseling session.  The preacher basically told her to thank God, before she actually gets whatever blessing she desires.  As I sat in my chair staring at the post, I started thanking him for my future child.  I don't know when my baby will arrive or how, but I am already thankful for her or him.

Now...on a side note: I forgot to pack my fertility monitor when I went out of town.  I hope I didn't mess up the thing.  I need that $200 piece of electronic snake oil to at least appear to be giving me useful information.

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