Thursday, September 8, 2011

Waiting and Drinking

While I'm waiting on my angel to make his/her way to me, I'm enjoying life and my awesome friends.

My bestie and her honey came to visit me and my husband for Labor Day weekend.  We took it upon ourselves to explore the wonders of Napa!! I am not a wine drinker, in fact I used to think wine was a bit unfair. I felt the first sip tasted like grape juice. Then I would swallow and ugh! There was a terrible aftertaste.

Well, let me tell you: after this Napa trip, my outlook has changed. We hit up two wineries: Mondavi and Castillo di Amoroso. They were perfect for someone trying to "fake it to make it" in the social world of wine. I tried whites, Cabs and Merlots. I was able to swallow them all without major complaints. We even paired a couple with chocolate (yum!).

In between sips of wine, we laughed, talked and just enjoyed each others company. I definitely didn't leave Napa ready to write the sequel to Sideways, but I did leave with a new appreciation for the process: the growing, the fermenting, the waiting and the pouring.

In the end, I turned out to be a moscatto girl (so did my bestie's boyfriend--ha!). I liked the sugary taste. My husband and bestie liked what I call the mature wines-- the Cabs and such.

It was definitely tons of fun:-)

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