Monday, September 26, 2011

Performance Anxiety

I have always had performance anxiety.  Whenever someone expects something great from me, I just can't meet the expectation.  I guess I have this underdog mentality. If you say I can't do it, then dang it, I want to do it better than anyone else can.

Soo... with that said, here's my issue. I want a baby sooo badly, but I have a real and sincere issue with baby making time.  Because I'm expected to be in the mood, I can't get in the mood. It takes the fun out of it and I have to be honest: a lot of the time we miss the actual "special" time because, for lack of a better term, I can't get IT (my libido) up.

I've spoken with my husband about this. He tries his hardest to talk some sense into me, but I just... can't.  I'm pretty much like this about every part of my life. BUT now I am starting to annoy myself. How can I get my angel child, if I can't do this simple thing. Why is it easier for a crackhead to have a child than me? Ugh! Why is this so hard?!

Now that I've delved into the personal and probably grossed someone out, let's think of something pretty and simple, like grapes:-) 

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