Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whooaaa, Baby (TV Time)!

I love television.  I just do.  There are some shows that I can't stop watching, even though they break my little infertile heart.  I've decided to give a list of shows that this baby-yearning-woman can't stop watching.  Some are good and some just make me angry (with God...I mean let's be honest here).

Oh Yeah, you knew they were coming!

16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom!

The producers of these shows say their main goal is to remind teens that sex can equal an unplanned pregnancy.  Let me tell you what the show really does. It makes teens and adults gasp and laugh alike, but I doubt it does anything to prevent teen pregnancy.  HOWEVER, it does piss me off.  I think to myself, "you're married, educated and MATURE! Why does God give this ridiculous child a baby and not me? Why is it not my time?"

Of course there is no answer to my question.  Once I get over myself, I become thoroughly entertained by the show.  I mean's unbelievable that these people are putting their train wreck lives on air like that.  It's also pretty sad when you think about it.

Next up is....

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

First things first.  I will always love this show because one of my high school classmates played one of the women in a reenactment.

Buuuut let's get on with this.  This show gives this desperately-trying-to-conceive woman unrealistic hope.  I know it shouldn't, but it does. The women on this show are ridiculously lucky in my eyes.  Each time I see a story where a woman takes a pregnancy test, gets a negative and miraculously gives birth to a surprise baby three months later, I think maybe my last pregnancy test and period were wrong---NOT!

Then there's Rosie Pope' show, Pregnant in Heels

The first time I watched this show, it pissed me off.  There were whinny women who hired Mrs. Pope to help them "prepare" for the baby.  It wasn't preparation in the way a woman like me would need.  I might want some company shopping because my family lives clear across the country from me.  I'd also need some info on diapers, the best products and ideas for day care.

These women needed those things, but they were rich and some seemed like the baby was an imposition and not a blessing.  Of course, after Rosie gets in there, they change their tune.

All in all, I like this show.  Once I realized I was just jealous of those women, I was able to enjoy it.  I try my best to learn little lessons so that if I'm ever blessed with an angel, I'll have some ideas of how to get things started as a parent.

I can't end this post without mentioning shows I used to watch on Discovery Health Channel-- 'Birth Day' and all the other shows that centered around pregnancy and giving birth.  I really miss those shows.

I think the only person that reads my blog is my husband, but if you happen to NOT be him.  Maybe you can tell me some of your favorite "baby" shows.

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