Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Celebrity Thoughts

I used to crave stories from celebrities and high-profile people talking about beating infertility.  Now I hate them all.  Why?  Well now they have everything: success, money AND a baby.  Damn!!  Can I get something?  Oh yeah...I did.  DEBT and 10 POUNDS!

In my mind I've totally been thinking about Jimmy Fallon and the Star Wars Dude.  They both used some form of assisted reproductive treatment, but whatever!  There's always a chance when cash is endless.  I've also wanted to talk about the actor who donated sperm to an old girlfriend and pretty much gave up paternal rights.  This same actor got back with the girlfriend and fell in love with the child, but when the couple split again, baby-mama told him to step off!  Now he's fighting for parental rights and could ultimately change how sperm donation is handled in this country.

 I can't formulate my thoughts for these individuals because I'm still so jaded by my own failure/situation...whatever you want to call it.  So I've got nothing, but jumbled thoughts that don't flow freely onto the keyboard.


When sinners are dipped in the holy water, they say they are born again.  If only it wasn't symbolic...
If only I could find a way to get a mulligan... If only...


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Hugh Jackman and his wife apparently did IVF a bunch of times and it never worked. They had a bunch of miscarriages and then adopted. Just goes to show that even unlimited funds don't always win the day.