Saturday, August 17, 2013

Three Pounds!

I'm down three pounds!  Of course, now that I've written it, I'll probably go up again:-)
I had to stop my beloved Turbo Fire because my body rebelled, but there's an upside.  My dog finally got out of her funk.

My older and larger dog passed away some months ago and our smaller, younger dog really hasn't been right since.  She never liked walking before, but she totally rebelled after we lost Missy.  Here we are three months later, and she's finally letting me walk her on the trail, which is fantastic.  I love my dogs, but I always have one around because they keep me mobile.  The fact that my little girl wasn't in the mood, wasn't helping me at all.

Now that she's back in the groove, I've slowly returned to the old habit of morning walks.  My knees just hurt so badly.  Ugh!  Anyways, I'm not giving up hope on reclaiming a life that's ten to fifteen pounds lighter.  Hopefully the walking and my new super-arch-support shoes will help me get a little stronger.

I told my husband that after my FET failed, I felt like my body just started to betray me in every way possible.  He questioned if some of it may be mental.  He's not suggesting I'm imagining it, but that maybe I'm perpetuating it because of my overwhelming sadness.


I don't want to be sad anymore and vowed to myself that I'd fight my way back.  I'll never be the same again, but I at least want to be fun? that all of that drama is out the way...

1.  I finished a book called "Flight Behaviour."  It's by Barbara Kingsolver.  It's a fictional tale about butterflies and a country family.  The overall message is no matter what the change or adversity, somehow we're equipped to find a way to survive anyway.  It should have been motivating for me, but I was annoyed by the way the message was delivered.  This book definitely did not live up to the standards set by Kingsolver's "Poisonwood Bible."

2.  I followed up the above book with Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart."  Achebe was a Nigerian writer and his tale centers around a strong and prideful man named Okonkwo.  Through him and his village we learn that if you do not accept change and do not protect all, you can lose an entire way of life.  You know?  It's like the ol' united we stand, divided we fall.

3.  Now I'm reading a book called "In Search of Satisfaction" by J. California Cooper.  I'm only 19 pages in and I'm loving it so far.


  1. awesome, congrats on the weight loss!

    1. Thanks! It's small, but after watching the scale numbers increase, it's great to see a smaller number.

  2. Yay for three pounds down! Getting back into fitness after an injury isn't easy, so good on you for doing it.

  3. 3 pounds is great! Great work... You're setting a good example for me!

  4. 3 pounds is great!
    I don't want to sound like a smartypants, but don't rush into "normal", let yourself grieve a little.

    1. I don't think you sound like a smartypants at all. I initially tried to be "normal" too soon and it made things worse for me. So I like your advice and I plan to follow it. Thank you:-)