Thursday, February 27, 2014

Joy In The Journey?

Find the joy in the journey?

Who came up with that shit?

Before you ever say that crap to me, please think about this scenario:

You're happily driving in your car, when suddenly a car t-bones you.  The impact of the crash rattles through your body and when it it's over, you can't move.  Your arm is broken, your leg is broken and you can't feel your toes.  You open your mouth and words don't come out.  Emergency responders get there as fast as they can.  They extricate you from the car.  Now, you have to fight your way back to life.  You have to learn to walk, to talk, and to live.  As you're holding on to parallel bars trying to take your first desperate step since the crash, someone walks up to you and says, "enjoy the journey."

Wouldn't you want to slap the entire shit out of that person?

Well, that's what I feel like when that damn phrase pops up, as I deal with this infertility crap.  There is NOTHING about this journey to enjoy. NOTHING!

If you are lucky enough to get pregnant and have a child or adopt or find a surrogate, enjoy the journey THAT brings, BUT this shit? There is not a single drop of joy.  Not when it's a decade strong. If you've found some joy, get on your knees and thank God, but don't bring that shit to me.  DON'T!

*sigh*  I just really needed to get that out.  Now, let me find some joy in this day.  Anyone have any Girl Scout cookies?


  1. No one's ever said that to me. Probably because they know that I would cut a bitch. :P Thanks for checking in on me. I've had a hard time thinking about how to blog lately because it just seems so gloomy (not just IF stuff, a bunch of work shit on top of it) and I used to be fun. I haven't disappeared, I promise.

    1. Aramis, there's a piece of jewelry designed for our kind with that phrase. I'd go ballistic if someone bought it for me.
      I'm glad you're ok:-)

  2. haha no one has said this to me either, but yes, if they did depending on what hormones are being pumped into my body they'd either get a side eye or a punch in the face... and anyone that would ever say that has never been thru this and doesn't have a clue about how hard this journey truly is.

    1. I know, right? If you've experienced this, there is no way you could look someone in the face and say enjoy the journey, nor buy them a piece of jewelry with that phrase.

  3. I never found any joy in the IF journey.... I have joy that Im done with it all but its honestly like telling someone to find joy in the death of a loved one.

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