Friday, July 26, 2013

Sh*t Happens


I started researching new doctors.  I am broke!  Why the hell am I looking up new doctors?  I must be the dumbest person on the entire earth.

I thought I found a decent candidate, but she ended her YouTube video by saying, "women just need to be open to the journey."  That's like saying the abused should just be open to the journey.  Be open to the fist slamming into your face!

I guess I am open to the fist slamming into my face. Otherwise I wouldn't have been googling.

Note to self: stop googling charlatans known as infertility specialists.

The place storing my embryos is implementing a new policy.  They want everyone to sign up for electronic payment.  The wording of the note made it sound mandatory.  I have to call to get this all straightened out.  I pay my bills on time, but I pay them when I want to.  I don't like having automation.    I'd rather just give a lump sum payment for the year.

Anyway their little note made me realize I have to do something.  I have to give the embryos a try or let them thaw out.

Double Shit!

I wish I lived in the world of Mad Men. I'd be sipping a strong, VERY STRONG cocktail right now.
I had a shrink appointment this week.  Of course I cancelled it.  Here's a secret: I made another one.  Maybe I'll actually go this time.  I can't believe I need to pay someone to listen to me rant out loud.  Is that a sign of narcissism or self-importance?  Maybe I should just go to confession.  According to Mad Men, the priests listen for free.

Triple Shit!

I really messed up my knee.  I don't know what to do.  I need to do something fast though.  My weight is disturbing.

Oh what the hell...shots anyone?


  1. I'm in for shots!!! Hang in there pretty lady ((HUGS))