Sunday, July 14, 2013


The unthinkable happened on my vacation!  My Mother, Father and I learned to kayak.  Holy Crap!

I can't swim and neither can my Mother.  I should also add that she normally doesn't try new things, especially when water is involved.  Well, my Aunt-in-law put us in life jackets, tied a kayak to a ski rope and put us in the water.  It was like we were on leashes, but we did it!

Mom didn't go off on her own, but she couldn't stop smiling after the experience.  Dad and I hopped in separate kayak's and hit the high seas..Ok a lake in Northern Wisconsin.  I felt so free and happy---the beautiful water and the physical exertion---it was fantastic.  Of course the fact that I can't swim crept into my mind a couple of times, but I've tested a life jacket before, and I know it does work:-)

Maybe next year I'll learn to swim.  I've been saying that every year for the past decade. Ha!

I did more things on the water.  I went canoeing with the husband and we caught a meaty fish.  My father-in-law chopped it up, flipped it and rubbed it down...I'm joking.  He cleaned it and fried it up for us.  It was delicious.

We played a little whiffle  ball, during which my father-in-law proved that physically, he's superior to all of us.  I should add that he's the oldest.  WTF?!

Before the lake retreat, I hung out with my parents in the great state of Illinois. Thanks to my cousin's graduation party, I saw a lot of my family.  It was really great. No matter the trouble, when my family gets together, we chase the demons away, at least for that moment.  I don't know how my grandparents taught us to do it, but they did.

But I have to add, being in their presence hurt a little.  It really sucks that I won't have a junior to enjoy their camaraderie.  I grew up with some great characters and even if I magically have a child someday, they'll never see my relatives the way I did because we're all getting old now.  We're all getting old.

My dog had a vacation of her own.  The Dog-Walker sent us pictures daily of Roxie and her fun shenanigans.  I feared she wouldn't like us when we returned, but she showered us with tons of kisses.   Now she's sleep next to me on the couch.  She's not supposed to be up here, but I couldn't deny her:-) 


  1. Sounds like an awesome vacation! I've only kayaked once or twice before, but I absolutely loved it. Glad you got away for some ME time!