Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chivalry is Dead

A very pregnant woman walked onto a packed train.  I watched as another rider quickly jumped up so the future mommy could have a seat.  Guest what?  That courteous person was NOT a man.  It was a another female rider.

The men did not blink an eye.  I'm used to men not offering me a seat.  It's sad, but I'm used to it.  I'm of the ordinary variety.  But I'm still stunned that men will watch a pregnant woman or an older woman struggle on a long train ride and act like they don't see it.

If I was of the reproducing kind, I would teach my son some manners.  It's gotten quite ridiculous.  I'm all for gender equality and all, but damn,  I'm a freakin' lady.  Treat me as such.

I say all of this knowing full well that I got my pregnant co-worker/friend to drive me to lunch.  I should be trying to help her, not bumming a ride.  LOL! I'm just kidding.  I know pregnancy is not an illness.


  1. I see this all the time. Makes me proud that my own husband is one of the first to jump up when someone needs a seat.

    1. It's just sad that men like that are so hard to find these days.

  2. These jerks need to pay attention to their surroundings! Once, when riding a crowded bus in Boston, I noticed a disabled man slowly climbing up the stairs of the bus. I stood up from my seat before he reached the top of the stairs, so he would just find a conveniently empty seat. Within seconds of my gesture, a twenty-something punk immediately took my open seat and didn't budge. I was appalled. What does this moron think?! I just suddenly decided I prefer to stand?! In the end, somebody else had to give up their seat, with a fair bit of bustle and embarrassment on the part of the disabled gentleman. People can be so effing clueless!

    Of course, I've also been pleasantly surprised. It seems like the sketchiest-looking person on the bus is always the one who jumps up to offer his seat... No insult intended to Aramis's husband! ;)

  3. Chivalry sure is dying but it's not completely dead. I'm a lucky one with my hubby. :)