Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Listen To Me!

If you are considering IVF and you can't pay cash for it, DON'T DO IT.  Listen to me, PLEASE!  It sucks being in debt for something that failed. Seriously! If  you don't have the cash, don't do it.  It's that simple.  Don't fall for the con job.  No cash, no IVF.  That's it.  I used to think people who advised this were bitter.  They are.  They are bitter and smart.  They know. LISTEN!

I took out a $20,000+ loan for this crap based on the doctor office's calculations.  Well guess what?  I just got a bill in the mail for another $1700 dollars.  It's for stuff that should have been covered in the money that was already sent to the damn office.  I sent a detailed and nasty email to them, to which I received a response saying they will investigate.  GREAT!

Also, keep up with all of your receipts.  Don't be an idiot like me.

Anyway back to the bill.  The Doctor sent me two detailed sheets of my charges and payments.  Apologized for including the $1300 FET, which was already paid.  She also said she'd waive the additional charges since they weren't properly explained to me.  She dropped this gem too.

"I don't get involved in things like this but in this case, I have decided to be the one to follow-up because of how important you are to me."

Important my ass.  Once again, I told her I didn't want her charity.  I sent her a check (I didn't call in my credit card number because someone forgot to post the payment I tried to make in June so I could be done with this sh*t) for the near $400.  She's really getting on my nerves with that crap.  Either she was cheating me to begin with, she knows she did something wrong or she thinks I want a handout.  I won't begin to explain the stereotypes that conjures up for me.  It really angers me.  I don't want anything for free. I know it was my choice to undergo those treatments.  I don't expect anyone to pick up the tab, but me.  I just don't like STUPID mistakes.

For the most part, her staff is excellent, but seriously! To charge someone for something they've already paid for, after it has failed.... Why don't you just stab me in the stomach?  No really.  That would be easier to handle.

There is a good part to all of this.  As I mentioned before, I did a piss poor job keeping up with receipts and such.  Well, now they are all printed out on a nice spread sheet.  Plus, I paid for everything with a credit card, so I'm able to print out the payments for meds.  I'm not sure exactly what I can use during tax time, but I'm sure it's something.  Now I don't have to ask for this stuff later.  Hooray for me!

Now, I'm just hoping to be done with all of this for good.  I've paid every bill that's come my way.  Hopefully no more will arrive.  I need to just be finished with it.

Remember!  No cash, no IVF.  Say no to IVF loans.  Just say NO!


  1. That's a kick in the ass, for sure. I don't know what US tax laws are like, but in Canada we can claim tax deductions for medical expenses (IVF included) over a certain amount. Maybe all those bills will come in handy at some point?

  2. I sure hope we get a tax break:-)

  3. That keeps happening to me too. My sister who was my donor keeps getting bills for stuff I paid for. It makes me want to scream. My last cycle failed 9 months ago. Leave me the F alone already. But seriously I get how you feel. We took out a 401K loan to pay for our donor cycle and now I cant quit my job or the loan defaults and I have to pay it all back. I am so stuck. I wish I had never taken the loan but I was desperate at the time. RE clinics prey on the desperate. Oh and I might be a little bitter still.

    1. Oh I love you! You totally understand me. I suspect I'll be bitter for a really long time, especially since my old, but beloved car is popping up with problems every other month. I could of used that money on a new ride, instead I paid for heartbreak.

    2. I hate it when people tell me we had to try so we wouldn't have regrets... Well I do have regrets, 30 thousand of them.

    3. Yes. I also hate when they tell me I shouldn't be sad or angry.

    4. Well your negative feelings make them uncomfortable so they don't want you to have them. I say be as sad and angry as you want. Suppressing it will only make it worse.