Sunday, December 8, 2013


We have had Wally for two weeks and man, is he a challenge.  (Well, he's really been with us three weeks, but it took me a week to put this up.  I don't know why.)

Look at him.  He's a handsome blue merle, complete with a single, bewitching blue eye encased in a black splash.  Now you're probably wondering if he has a second eye.  Why yes he does!  In the right light, it looks green, but it's really hazel.

The tools:


No one checks Wally like this little dachshund mix.

Toys.  Wally is classified (by me) as a bonafide chewer.  We need lots of toys to keep his attention

Husband. This is a team effort.  Wally can take down a one-person operation with the shake of his nubby tail.

Crate.  Can you believe me and the hubby actually contemplated not crating this dog?  OMG, he would have chewed up the walls.

Patience.  I don't have any.  Thank God for my husband.

Food.  He likes Taste of the Wild.  He's a straight up meat fella

Treats.  He doesn't want any of that liver stuff.  He must have heard about the bad versions from China.  We get him Natural Balance Lamb meat rolls.  If he knows I have a slice in my pocket, he is beyond attentive.  This stuff is dog crack. Roxie is also hooked.

Wally Breakdown:

Day 1.  Roxie disliked him and thought by ignoring him, he would disappear.
Day 2.  Wally figured out the doggie door
Day 5.  We didn't properly latch Wally's crate.  When the dog walker arrived, he greeted her at the door.  He chewed a tassle off the back of a shoe, but it took us days to notice.  He also left a little pee puddle, which the dog walker cleaned up for us.  I figure things could have been a lot worse.  We now double check the latch
Day 13.  Roxie finally realized that he's not going away.  She plays with him, disciplines him and steals the toys they're supposed to share.


  1. Aww man, what a cutie! They'll be best friends I'm sure. Good luck with that one, he definitely sounds like a handful!

    1. He is such a handful, but in a good way. We are tried, but we're laughing too, so that's a great thing.

  2. Wally is so cute... I would probably end up his slave.... Like I am to my dogs.... So cute

    1. If I could, I would just hug, love and cuddle him. I keep reminding myself that I have to stay stern because he's getting so big so quickly and he's always thinking of ways to outsmart me:-)