Monday, November 4, 2013


My day of reckoning is a day away.  I have an appointment with my RE to possibly jump start this little infertility battle once again on Tuesday.

I've thought about canceling it because all of the signs seem to be telling me to run. Here's a prime example:  last week I was supposed to go in for a Dye test.  Well, I woke up that morning to no running water!  What?!  There was trouble with the water line running through the complex, so water had to be shut off for the repairs.  That's fine. I just wish someone had notified folks that this was going to happen.  We were all knocking on each others doors trying to figure out what happened.

It took three hours to repair the water line.  Well, that wasn't early enough to prepare for my doctor's visit.  I know many of you will say, "so."  To that I say, the hubby and I had a romantic rump the night before. There was no way in hell I was going in to have my legs spread wide for dye, without washing the lady parts thoroughly.

Since all I could do was boil water and take a pot bath ( or a HOE bath, as my mother called it), thorough wasn't happening.  I just kept thinking, this must be a message from the universe.  I mean the dye test can only be taken on certain days of your cycle and the facility only had one appointment that fit my schedule.  How is it that on that single day, there's no running water at my place?  Whatever!

I explained my rationale to my husband.  Of course, he didn't buy it.  I talked to the expensive-ass shrink about it.  She said it's time to go.  It's time to explain to my doctor where I think she went wrong and move on with treatment, or find someone else.

Since the shrink pretty much challenged me to act like an adult, I'm putting on my biggest big girl panties and I'm going.

I figure if the aftermath of the meeting doesn't include me in a puddle of tears, all will be well.


  1. Good luck. If you really feel like your RE isn't right for you, then don't be afraid to say so and move on. This is too important and emotional an event to go through it with someone you don't click with.

    1. Thank you. I am prepared for the worst. I have an appointment for next August with another RE. He's so popular that the waiting list is a year.