Friday, November 29, 2013

Debby Downer

I know this is the time to be all thankful and grateful, but whatever.  2013 has been a total bitch for me, so I'll be the Debby Downer that says 'eff' all this happy shiz.

1.  I hate my new job and I plan to quit it in six months.  That's if I'm lucky enough to find a new job, or they fire me so I can collect unemployment.  However, I am thankful that, at the moment, the insurance is paying for this FET.

2.  I hate IVF and infertility.   I would still be the sweet, optimistic person who found the positive in everything, had a never jumped into this mess.

3.  I wish there was a way to tell my mother that I'm not being mean or disrespectful when I don't take her calls.  She just happens to call when I am at my lowest moments.  I feel it's better not to share those moments with her.  You'd think since she knows I've had my ass kicked in every possible way this year, she'd figure it out.  Instead, she chooses to label me as being somehow rebellious, even though I'm 33.  What the hell do I have to rebel against?

4.  It was great to meet a woman who boasted about her ability to grow really big babies.  She went on to recommend that I smoke during my third trimester of pregnancy to make small ones.  HaHaHa!!  How funny, right?  EXCEPT I CAN'T GET PREGNANT.  HAHAHAHAHA!  If at some point IVF works for me, there's a large chance I'd have a premature child. HAHAHAHA!  I guess smoking would make that all better for me, right?  Oh fertile funny.

Can't you tell I'm in a glorious mood for the holidays?  I'm so excited that I get to mix this attitude with a round of estrogen and progesterone shots.  2013 just keeps getting better.  Thank goodness there's only a month of it left.

In 2014, The new puppy, Wally, and I will waste as much time and money as possible learning agility.  That's if Roxie doesn't kill him first.  I am thankful for my very patient husband, my extended family and my precious, precious puppies.  I wouldn't have made it this far without Roxie.  And although Wally is loud and needs to sleep later in the morning, he is a great addition to our pack.

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  1. I'm so sorry that all this crap is piling up. It really does feel overwhelming sometimes. And that lady with the big babies...she just needed a slap.