Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coffee Crisis

It's one day before my period is due and I am hoping for a miracle.  I want it to be late--like nine months late, but I know that won't happen.  We were careful not to be "irresponsible" before my three month recovery period.  That means that even though my fertile period was sometime around May 17th and the three month mark was just 8 days later, we did not take any chances. I sit hear daydreaming about a baby bump and thanking God for my coffee, guess what passes across my twitter timeline? An article from Time magazine warning that too much coffee could delay/prevent pregnancy.

Yes, I knew this already, but dang!  This article says caffeine can keep your fallopian tubes from properly contracting and helping that egg drop into the baby cooker. Ugh!

Coffee is my biggest vice.  I've pretty much cut soda out of my life.  Now that I think about it, I only drink coffee and water.  Most of the time, it's one cup of coffee a day (a grande starbucks).  But it looks like I may have to cut it out completely.  Man!  I'll work on it.  I'll work on it.

It just seems like when you're struggling to have a baby, everything you do IS WRONG.  Worrying is wrong, what you eat is wrong...heck YOUR LIFE IS WRONG.  Sometimes it's just a bit a more than I can handle. 

Oh well.  The good news is that once this new cycle begins, I get to try again.  While that will bring it's own ups and downs, at least I get to make an attempt.  My Momma always says, "nothing beats a try, but a fail." 

I'll keep fighting.  It would hurt more to die childless knowing I didn't give it a good try...I guess.

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