Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Give Me Five!

My husband and I will celebrate our five year anniversary in just days. Can you believe it? I can't believe the man is still here. On top of being difficult, insecure, spoiled and inconsiderate, I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to give him a child.  BUT despite all my flaws, which outnumber the above list, he loves me and he is my sunshine when I'm in a dark place. 

This blog is dedicated to my quest to become a mother and my failure thus far, but my journey would be far worse without him. He always finds a way to smile...genuinely. Sometimes I think he is optimistic to a fault, but I'm definitely pessimistic to a fault. So, at the risk of sounding corny, I'll just say it-- he lifts me up. 

My only hope is regardless of what the next five years bring--children or more dogs---that I can be a better wife to him. It can be difficult for me to overcome myself.  Slowly (and I mean very slowly) but surely, I think I'm getting there. 

As we continue on our journey, I know one thing for sure. No matter what happens tomorrow, I will always be thankful for every way he has helped me to spread my wings. From exploring the world (ok..a few states), making new friends and achieving my goals, he really has made me a better person.

I love him so much:-)

Happy Anniversary, DjRass!

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