Monday, April 14, 2014


Do IUIs really even work?  I mean aren't they just sex, without the sex?  If I can't get pregnant through sex, how will an IUI do the trick?  I prefer to call the procedure WOM, waste of money.  Hopefully, the insurance picks up most of it:-)

SERIOUSLY?!  Why is my life so difficult?

Why does the lunchroom keep making delicious rice crispy treats?  I can't resist them, especially when I'm I the middle of an infertility tragedy.  Damn!

AND AND, my freaking pants are unbelievably tight today.  Did that stop me from purchasing the rice crispy treat? NO

Is it really ONLY Monday?  Where is the mercy, Jesus?  Show it to me now!!!!

Alright. Meltdown over.  I will return to my beloved rice crispy treat and continue to pray that my tight pants refrain from ripping.



  1. Infertility tragedy = weight gain. I've put on 7 pounds since Christmas, at least 5 of them since my chemical pregnancy. At least we're in the fat club together, right? LOLing at "IUI is just sex without sex".

    1. This weight thing needs to stop. If you're infertile, you should at least be able to eat what you want:-)

  2. Okay I had to laugh at the tight pants...because I'm currently sitting at work with my pants unbuttoned, doing the rubber band through the buttonhole trick. I'm not on meds or anything so I don't really have an excuse. Can I still join the fat club?

  3. Mmmm rice crispy treats.... Since I do a lot of health coaching for my job I felt like I had to give that stuff up to avoid hypocrisy. We shall see how long that lasts....