Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm A Fool

Happy April Fool's Day!  Want to know a secret?  I start stemming tonight for an egg retrieval.  I don't know who is paying for this mess.  My insurance changed.  Yes. Changed.  That means it no longer offers the three tries.  It only offers ONE.  AND, I need some pre-authorization.  I may truly be screwed, but I figured I'd pay the little pre fees and if I can't come up with the rest, oh well....PAYMENT PLAN.

That makes me a what?  A DAMN FOOL (that's worse than being a sucker).  *bows and waives to the crowd*

In case you're wondering what's in my medicine bag this time around, I'll drop a few expensive names. I have menopur, follistim, ganirelix and HGH.  Woot Woot!  The insurance covered 85% up to $5,000.   I apparently went over because I got hit with a $1300 bill.  I wondered how that happened, since last time I paid out of pocket and I don't remember topping 5 grand.  Well, last time I had bravelle.  That stuff is cheaper because it comes in powder form and doesn't need a fancy pen and needles like follistim.  I wish Witch Doctor and the gang would have let a Player know.  I would have gladly gone for the powder.  Truthfully, I don't think bravelle was on my insurance list.

We are just hoping for a few good eggs.  If our pockets allow, we'd also like to genetically test them, but that's definitely counting the chickens before they hatch. (I just rolled my eyes at myself)

Next Wednesday, I have an appointment to see the man who will likely chop up my uterus.  Wednesday night, I'll probably drink margaritas and cry.  Ain't life grand?

By the way, I probably spelled all of those medications wrong.  I paid enough for them to disrespect the spelling any way I like.


  1. Is it ruining your fun if I tell you that you actually spelled all your medications right? :) I don't think you're a fool OR a sucker. You're just like the rest of us...not ready to give up. Or maybe that makes us ALL fools and suckers. Ah well. At least we're in good company!

    1. Aramis, I think you knocked the wind out of my rebellious sails. LOL! I truly am a horrible speller. My husband had a good laugh off your comment.

  2. Good luck with your stemming! And sorry to hear about your insurance - that sucks. My husband works for an insurance company and still don't understand any of it. I'm hoping for lots of good eggs for you.

    1. Thank you! The way I behaved last night, you'd think I hadn't been through stemming before. I had a minor panic attack over the shots, but I got over it.

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