Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is the Deal?

 Sometimes I just have to ask: What's the deal, man?

What's the deal with Roxie's mustache?

Q: What is the deal with people telling me FIRST (before everyone else) that they are pregnant?
A:  I must do one heck of a job pretending that I'm not crying inside when folks announce their pregnancies.
Epiphany: Maybe I should be an actress. I'm obviously qualified for an Oscar nomination

Q:  What is the deal with my imagination? Why can't I shake the image of a pregnant me and a family that includes me, hubby and non-existent child?
A:  I guess I just haven't reached that magic place yet.
Epiphany:  Maybe I just have a kick-ass imagination?

Q: What's the deal with designers charging too much for their awesome purses?  How am I supposed to afford them?
 A: They must not want me to have them.
Epiphany: Maybe I should work harder to get EVERYTHING I want.  Money can't buy love or happiness, but it can definitely keep you busy.

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