Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Unbelieveable Choice

I was reduced to tears on my way to work today.  I listened as a mother made a public plea for a hospital to give her one-year-old son a chance.

His name is Hiram and he was shot in the head, while his father held him in his arms.  Baby Hiram is the victim of senseless violence.  He's been on life support for a week and doctors are ready to perform tests to determine if he is brain dead.  BRAIN DEAD?! A one-year-old could possibly be brain dead.

I spend most of my time on this blog complaining and whining, but this right here?!  This is real.   Baby Hiram and his mother are in a horrible fight. I often think most people never acknowledge or understand my gut-wrenching pain over infertility, BUT I know this woman's pain is something greater than anything I've every felt before in my life.

As I listened to her say that her baby just needs more time to recover from the shock of this horrible string of events, my eyes watered up.  It pisses me off so bad.  How could this happen to an angel who hasn't even had a chance to experience life?  His second birthday is three days after Christmas.  It's just too much to handle.

I found myself gripping my steering wheel and asking God to protect that baby.  To be honest, I don't know if protection is keeping him here or allowing him to go to Heaven.  It's just horrible. 

Baby Hiram is the face of senseless violence now, but eventually people will forget about him, just like all of the other babies who were hit by bullets that were supposedly aimed at someone else.

On top of that, he's also a reminder of the state of our health care system.  No one has said it yet, but I'm pretty sure his family doesn't have insurance for him.  If they do, it's not that good, otherwise his mother wouldn't be begging doctors to give him more time.  Let's be honest, money is time.  This entire situation just makes me sick.

The idiots who shot him probably don't even have a conscious or a heart... it's just.. it's just too much.  We are all taught that eventually everyone has to pay for their evil, but it's stories like this one that make me question that belief.

Either way, my prayers continue for Baby Hiram.  He didn't deserve this.  No baby does.

***Update***   Hiram's family took him off life support at the end of the week.  Two medical tests deemed the baby brain dead. He didn't make it to his second birthday.  Police still have not technically arrested anyone for the crime, although they have persons of interest in custody.

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