Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Crazy Hope

Each month I latch onto something ridiculous in hopes that it is a sign that I am pregnant.  So get ready because I have a good one for you this time-- It's my dog.  

I was napping on Football Sunday, when I suddenly felt some swift movement.  It was my girl Missy hopping on the bed.  My husband and I were stunned because home girl is not allowed on the bed... anymore.

My husband kept insisting she was worried about me and checking on me. I thought he was nuts.  I figured my girl clearly wanted to feel the comfort of a mattress under her four paws one more time, but then something strange happened.  She got comfortable next to me and let me rub her hair.  Missy is protective, but affectionate is a not an adjective anyone would use to describe her.  When I got up to go to the bathroom, she hopped off the bed and followed me.  She stayed close to me for a good five minutes.  It was pretty obvious that she WAS worried about me.

My husband said she probably thought I was sleeping a bit TOO HARD for a Sunday afternoon (and she may have been right because I did not sleep well that night). BUT YOU KNOW ME!  My mind began spinning.  I just knew she sensed something that nothing else in the world could. I mean the dog is nice to me whenever Aunt Flo rolls around, but who isn't? I'm a demon when the cycle makes the monthly visit.

Just as I was getting cozy at the thought that I might be pregnant and my dog knows it, she dissed me. Yup, the next morning I bent down for a smooch and a pat and she did the normal... turned her head. Soooo that killed that little moment.

So... here's to hoping I'm pregnant.  Eh.

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