Monday, October 14, 2013

Insurance & Puppy

"You're fertile right now.  Did you know that?"

That is the fabulous question my much maligned (by me) RE asked me the day before my birthday.  I went to her for the ever popular Pap smear.  SHE was the poster child for professionalism.  I was the perfect example of a nut job:-)

Here's the thing: Just the day before that, I found out that my new insurance covers infertility treatment.  In fact,  it covers up to 70% of 3 in-network IVFs.  I started crying with joy into the phone, as Bianca, the customer service rep, told me all of this.  In five minutes, I planned another march down the aisle of infertility treatment.

I thought I would take this information to my Pap smear, give Doc a high five, and get the ART party started again.  But I couldn't.  It's almost like I was walking-- no running, then my feet got stuck in quick sand and I couldn't move.

I sat there while she gently reminded me that she's there when I'm ready, and I said nothing. *sigh*  I felt like crap. I felt confused.  I felt angry.  I don't know.  Maybe it was her optimism.  My body always shows signs of fertility every month and every month, I'm NOT pregnant.

That's neither here nor there and obviously, I'm an idiot.  I talked things over with Hubby and Shrink. They encouraged me to get over myself.  So I picked up the phone and made an appointment.

It's next month.  I have time to cancel.

Meantime, Hubs and I found a new baby!!  That's right, we're getting a puppy next month for Roxie.  We met the pup over the weekend.  He's about three weeks old.  His mom and pop have great dispositions.  Hopefully, their great traits will rub off on him.  He's an Australian Shepherd!!!

Most importantly, I made sure not to insult anyone during the "interview" process:-)

I told Hubs that this is my chance to feel what a pregnant lady feels.  I have five/six weeks to prepare for the arrival of my Boy!


  1. Seriously? You have funding for IVF?? Holy crap lady, that is amazingly great news! I mean obviously there is the whole emotional side of things which is hard to gear up to, but it's wonderful not to have to worry about finances. I will be here cheering you on no matter what you decide and when you do it!

  2. Yes! There are some caveats, like completing a certain number of IUIs, but last plan covered NOTHING! This is truly exciting

  3. Im glad you have insurance coverage. Financing fertility shit is one of the hardest parts and one of the biggest reasons we gave it up. I'm really happy for you... Hope your new puppy is a joy!

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  4. Sorry! My original reply had too many typos. I am excited about that puppy, but we'll see how I feel after week one of potty training:-)
    As for the insurance, it certainly is helpful. I'll test it out with an HSG. My last insurance left me with an $800 bill. We'll see how this one fares.