Friday, January 31, 2014

The Late Exchange

Me: "Should I expect my cycle to be 6 days later than normal because I had hcg in my system after my period started?"

Witch Doctor: "check a pregnancy test. do you have any at home?!! :)"

Me: "Yes, but I'm not wasting that:-)  I think it will be here by Monday.  I just always like a reason for things."

Witch Doctor: :There's no other reason except late ovulation or pregnancy.  Keep in touch"

Do you see why I want to strangle Witch Doctor (probably not because you're probably sane)?  I really wanted to say, "COME ON, MAN!"

I've only been trying to get pregnant for the better part of eight years.  Please believe that if I ever achieve pregnancy, it won't be naturally.  There comes a time in every Infertile's life when she has to accept that (if that's the case for her.  I know there are others who can get pregnant naturally, but have other issues).

I really think that I just ovulated late or maybe this will be the month that I don't get a period. Not getting my period at all this month would be really nice, considering last cycle's monster cramps. But that's wishful thinking.  I have the normal pre-period symptoms. They started yesterday, which is four days after my period "should" have started.

Now, I'll probably have to start my precious weekend with Aunt Flo.  That B*tch!

By the way, Wednesday my Bestie told me she was 8 weeks pregnant.  I'm happy for her, but sad for me.  Really sad for me.  *shoulder shrug*


  1. Maybe I'm not as sane as I'd like to think, but I'd like to strangle your doctor also! I ordered super cheap pregnancy test strips online after reading about them on another blog. Google "wondfo pregnancy test" if you haven't heard of them before. I think I bought 50 test strips on Amazon for $20. Of course, it involves peeing in a cup and dipping the test strip in it, as well as becoming a complete lunatic while trying to decide if there is the faintest indication of a second line, but I was already a complete lunatic at that point so that part didn't bother me :) I used them to test out the HSG after getting ovidrel injections so I would know the difference between the shot-induced 2nd pink line and an actual 2nd pink line.

    1. It's funny you should mention those because I have a ton. I just hate peeing in that damn cup. I whipped one out, used it and got a negative, but my period still hasn't started. This is just so strange because although I can't get pregnant, my cycle never goes longer than 30 days, unless the doc has me on meds. I think it's just a kind gift from the universe. i can use a break from the cramps. Oh and thanks for joining me in the desire to slap Witch Doctor:-)

  2. Yeah, I probably would have hit her. At this point getting pregnant naturally seems like science fiction. This is why eternal optimists kind of really bother me.

    1. Yes, Aramis! I'm all for positivity, but there is a such thing as going too far, especially when you know someone's history.